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NPO picchio has produced a wildlife proof dumpster to secure garbage so that bears cannot get at it in the first place.

Our Bear Proof Dumpster is

Testing our dumpsters against a Brown Bear
  • Strong enough and complicated enough to stop bears:
  • We have tested our dumpster on the brown bears in Hokkaido. We guarantee that a bear will not be able to open it!
  • Made up of several parts:
  • Convenient for transportation and storage. Dumpsters can also be connected to each other to hold more garbage or different types of garbage. When a dumpster needs to be repaired, only damaged parts need be exchanged. This way you can save on maintenance costs.
    The dumpsters are connectable
  • Durable:
  • All the parts are electrically galvanized to prevent rusting.
  • Color:
  • We use paints that are discoloration resistant and the purchaser can pick the color of their choice.

    Dumpsters placed in Karuizawa have proven their effectiveness. Bears have only been able to leave their paw prints on the dumpsters, unable to access and remove garbage from them. A sensor camera has videotaped a bear attempting to get into the dumpster, giving up and soon leaving after it was unable to gain access.

    Rust proof galvanized metal (right)

    Bear proof dumpsters are not bear proof if the lid is not closed entirely or it is overflowing with garbage. When dumpsters are used properly and bear attractants are accessible around nearby houses, bears may go to them rather than attacking the bear proof dumpster. Please use the bear proof dumpster properly and remember to secure attractants around your house.