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A Conference of the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA) will be held in Karuizawa in 2006!
The location of the town of Karuizawa

IBA is an international meeting designed to facilitate the exchange of information between specialists and researchers including bear biology, ecology, conservation, management and conflict management. It is held approximately twice every three years.

A member of the NPO picchio staff attended the IBA meeting held in San Diego, February 2004. At the meeting, Karuizawa was nominated as the site for the IBA meeting in October 2006. It will be the first time an IBA meeting will be held in Asia.

The meeting in San Diego
Reasons why Karuizawa was chosen:
  • Town of Karuizawa has a policy to coexist with wildlife and even has budgets for it.
  • NPO picchio has a bear specialist team to solve human-bear conflicts using non-lethal methods.
  • Karuizawa is easily accessed from the Tokyo area.

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